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Meet Your Event Standards Eye-to-Eye

A Chauffeur for any Event

No matter where you want to go, Jannah Express has the event chauffeur London service that will travel you anywhere in Standsted, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Romford, Ilford and Essex.

High-Quality Vehicles

Award Ceremonies

Take that accolade like the pro you are and get out to grab it as gracefully as a mermaid.



Got a meeting to attend to? Take the spotlight with our event chauffeur Stansted service.



Party with your friends at that roadshow with a charming limo and event Chauffeur Essex.

VIP Events

VIP Events

So you are most wanted? Act like it by getting yourself driven safely with an event Chauffeur Gatwick.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Bet and win the sporting event confidently after arriving with an event chauffeur London City.


Book Our Cars

Jannah Express provides a diverse fleet of vehicles to meet your transportation needs. We have you covered whether you need a compact car for a solo trip or a large vehicle for a group of people. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of quality vehicles, so that you can find the perfect ride for any occasion.

Enjoy Your Event While We Handle Your Guests

Providing all-round Logistics Support

Our logistics support is advanced with a responsive team and the latest technology, so the customer never has to sit in a traffic jam. We partner with the chauffeur so he can drive you safely and defensively to your desired destination.

Sustainable Rides

We keep carbon emissions at a low with our carbon-neutral fuel economy. Be the activist you are and ride confidently and ethically with our event Chauffeur London City rides.

Logistics Rides Package

Got some essential guests on your list mean more to you than they get to your party on time? Make sure they arrive on time and safely to your event with our event Chauffeur Luton.

Advanced UK Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are certified, screened, experienced and still in practice with enough knowledge to know which lane will get you to your desired destination timely and safely.

Ultimate Comfort

Our sedans, limousines and luxury minibuses are built to offer ample comfort to you with an in-built pillow system, cup-bearers, Ai, temperature control and, of course, Champagne.

Technologically Upgraded

Jannah Express has all the technology to ensure it gets to the desired destination ASAP with constant updates, real-time GPS tracking and a dashboard to manage trips.

Event Ride Booking Services

While you are busy trying to impress and entertain your guests, we are busy ensuring you don’t bother about logistics and chauffeur booking. We help your guests like they are our own.

Featuring First-Class Rides

Fancy & Formal Rides like Never Seen Before

The professionalism and efficiency of our event chauffeur London city rides are given. Do you know what else is a given? Politeness and utmost respect for your needs and wants. The world may disappoint you, but we won’t.

We will carry you to your destination safely with our on-site coordinators and management team, ensuring all the logistics in your event are handled to the T. Parking space, busy roads… you don’t have to worry about everything. We keep tabs on everything, the traffic, the weather and all else. No one will take your parking spot while we are still in charge.

We Work Smart

How We Work

Organised Planning

You name your event, its type, where it is located, and your schedule, and we will plot a plan, the routes we will use and other details. With all these totalled, we will present an hourly estimate and the number of drivers you will require.

Flexible and Customisable

Get The Vehicle You Need

Travelling solo? Take our Mercedes Benz 5 or a limousine. Travelling with a group? A Cadilac Escalade should do. If you have some questions or caution to raise, let us know. We will make added arrangements for your comfort.

Prearranged Routes

Jannah Express event chauffeur Ilford knows their way around the entire town or city. We have on-site coordinators and dispatchers doing background work for our chauffeurs as they drive you, all for you to ride relaxed.

Travel de Luxe, Arrive in Style

Book The Leading Event Chauffeur London Service

Download our Jannah Express app for easy and convenient booking. The app is user-friendly, and you can book a ride with just a few taps on your phone.


Our Testimonials

At Jannah Express, we take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to share some of the kind words they’ve had to say about our services. From reliable London airport pick-ups to memorable wedding journeys, we’re honoured to have earned a reputation for excellence among our valued clients. Our FB page.

Esrat Jahan

The service was really satisfactory. I phoned a couple of hours before the pick-up time to ask whether the driver could come half an hour early. They sent the driver early, and he was accommodating and cheering.

Muhammed Razzaque

I used Airport transfer in Romford service with Jannah Express last month. The chauffeur was extremely polite in that he kept inquiring if I was comfortable and needed any help as I was sick. He reached my desired destination in no time.

Andra Iszlai

I was running late for a meeting last week. I promptly booked a Jannah Express taxi to my desired location. They found my address in a matter of minutes and took me out of my misery by driving me through shortcuts and quiet roads.

Jake Howard

Airport transfer in Gidea Park is less in demand, so finding a taxi here fast is difficult. The taxis are either always packed, or there’s a lacking. But Jannah Express made it look easy by showing up on time.

Sun Shine

I usually have to wait a long time at the airport before my pre-booked Airport transfer in Dagenham arrives. But with Jannah Express, that wasn’t the case. I found it waiting for me patiently right after I landed

Rory Higgins

Waiting for a Airport transfer in Southend after a long flight is the last thing I want to do, but I have to do it almost each time. Jannah Express proved me wrong by showing me that it is possible to be punctual.

Most Aliza

Jannah Express has been amazingly helpful and kind in safely reaching my old grandmother and me to the airport. We were also allowed extra provisions for extra care. Waiting for my next ride! 100% recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions


We provide service 24/7/365. However, you need to book a reservation for an off-hour service.

Except for national holidays, you can book a chauffeur reservation as much as a week ago; however, off-hours require longer notice.

An event chauffeur can handle everything about logistics for your event, from offering insight into traffic patterns to safe driving tips.

A chauffeur requires the minimum and additional licences and qualifications. They also need to be well-informed about the place they are driving in.

A professional chauffeur puts their passenger on top of their list of priorities. They will run your errands and book reservations.

You must cancel your event within the week you book the event chauffeur London service, sometimes even much longer ago.