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Policy on Privacy and Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 will be upheld, and Jannah Express Ltd., doing business as “Jannahexpress,” will protect your personal information.

The company Jannah Express Ltd. and any of its subsidiaries, including but not limited to Jannah Express, are collectively referred to as “Jannahexpress.” Jannah Express is committed to upholding the security and privacy of personal information.

The types of data that are obtained, the types of data that are provided by outside sources, and the methods in which Jannah Express utilizes and protects this data are all covered by the company’s privacy and data protection policy. Also, this statement outlines your rights in regards to data protection and provides contact information for Jannahexpress.

The source of your personal data

“Personal data” is any information that may be used to identify you specifically, whether it comes from information we collect about you or information we receive from other sources.

Information you provide to Jannah Express

Often, this information includes your name, address, phone number, cell phone number, and email address. Information will be acquired when bookings made by phone, website, or app. Using the Booking website or the Booking app, you may also modify the information in your profile.

Jannah Express may receive information about you from other sources.

The Jannah Express Account Holder provides Jannah Express with information about you. The “Data Controller” is referred to as the Account Holder.

Your name, address, phone number, cellphone number, and email address are typically included.

purposes for personal data

Your information will be used by Jannah Express for the following purposes:

providing transportation

Your name and the pick-up address specified on the booking are required by Jannah Express since the Driver has to know where to meet you. Your phone number, cell number, email address, or notification will be used to contact you when the work is scheduled, when the driver comes, or if the driver is running late.

Responses to your questions

Any personal information you supply to Jannah Express while contacting them with inquiries or queries will be used to respond to your inquiry.

In the event of an email inquiry, Jannah Express might need to call you to verify the request originated from you in order for Jannah Express to protect your data.

If you want to receive this information, Jannah Express may occasionally give you news about the company or information about our services that Jannah Express thinks you might find interesting. You can “opt-out” of receiving such communications at any time by unsubscribing.

promotional communications

You could receive occasional marketing correspondence from Jannah Express with information about our products or business updates that Jannah Express thinks you’ll find interesting. You can always “opt-out” of receiving such communications by unsubscribing from them.

Making decisions automatically

Your personal information is never used by Jannah Express to make any kind of automated judgment.

Invoicing and reporting

Your personal information is used by Jannah Express to give the Account Holder access to management data and payment services.

The recipients of personal information shared by Jannah Express

Taxi operators

The driver must confirm that you are being picked up if your trip is completed by a cab. Also, the driver must be aware of your pick-up and destination locations.

private vehicle service providers

The specifics of your journey will be sent by Jannah Express to a private hire car company so they may accept it if it needs to be completed by a third party automobile. The private hire car company is responsible for making sure the vehicle shows up and takes you securely to your destination. The Private Rental Car Company must also see to it that you are informed of the status of your reservation at all times. Because of this, employees of the Private Rental Car Company process your data so they can input and manage your booking.

All of the private rental vehicle businesses used by Jannah Express are associated with the company’s private hire car drivers.

The driver needs to confirm that they are picking you up. Also, the driver needs to be aware of where to pick you up and drop you off.

data storage locations

Your information is kept by Jannah Express in the UK.


Your privileges

The privilege of information-This document’s goal is to inform you of how Jannah Express uses your information. Use the postal and email addresses shown below to get in touch with us if any portion of this paper is confusing. Jannah Express is pleased to provide an explanation and frequently uses your feedback to update this article.

access privilege – You are always welcome to ask Jannah Express to send you a copy of your data.

The ability to correct something – If Jannah Express holds inaccurate information about you, you can ask us to amend it.

the ability to revoke – You can request that we erase your information. Please be advised that using the service or all of its features may be impossible depending on the data deletion. Jannah Express won’t be able to reach you when your driver comes, for example, if you deactivate your phone number.

the option to limit processing – Jannah Express can receive instructions on how to use and how not to use your data. Please note that access to some or all of the service’s features may be restricted by data limits. The driver won’t know who to ask for when they arrive if Jannah Express restricts the processing of your name, for instance.

the freedom to transfer data – You have the option to get a copy of your data in electronic form (as a spreadsheet attached to an email for instance).

the ability to disagree – You are always free to object to how Jannah Express uses your information.

Regarding automated decision-making and profiling, there are some rights. – You can ask Jannah Express to change something for you, for example, if they currently call your landline instead of sending an SMS to your landline.

Possibility to grieve – You have the right to file a complaint if Jannahexpress failed to handle any of the aforementioned requests in a satisfactory manner. You can file a complaint with our Supervisory Authorities if you’re still not satisfied. You can find their contact information at https://ico.org.uk.


Jannah Express takes appropriate security precautions to safeguard your personal information, and we anticipate that other data processors will do the same. Every single piece of personally identifiable information is subject to restricted access in order to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or abuse. Please be aware that Jannah Express might provide your personal data in response to a court order, subpoena, or other legal requirement.


The websites of Jannahexpress utilize cookies; for more information, see our Cookie Policy.

Web tag usage

Web tags, a type of electronic JavaScript code, are used on our website pages by Jannah Express to keep track of user traffic. Web tags only gather a little amount of data, such as a cookie number, the time and date a page was seen, and a description of the page the web tag is located on. These web tags are simply used to monitor the effectiveness of the website and do not include any personally identifiable information. You cannot opt-out of or reject web tags because they are treated the same as any other content request made in the request for a web page.

log records

Like almost all websites, ours keeps track of visits in its log files. The pages you read and the files you download are recorded in log files. Instead of gathering any personal information, Jannah Express uses this data to optimize our website.

contact details

Please get in touch with us using the information below if you have any questions or concerns about data protection. Contact information for the data protection team is: Jannah Express Ltd, Basement, 449 High Street North, London, E12 6TJ. Tel: 004402038842869

Email: info@jannahexpress.com


Privacy statement

Customer groups for Jannah Express Ltd.

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation, this privacy notice explains how Jannah Express Ltd collects and utilizes information about its customers before, during, and after the business relationship (GDPR). The Data Protection Act of 2018 and Article 30 of the GDPR are also met by this document (DPA). It is applicable to all Jannah Express Ltd. customers.

Specifics regarding the data controller:

Each customer agrees to the use and processing of their personal information as outlined in this privacy notice on their own behalf and on behalf of all directors, shareholders, members, employees, servants, and agents of the business (collectively, “associates”). For the purposes of the GDPR and DPA, the Company is the data controller.

The company Jannah Express Ltd., which is committed to preserving the security and privacy of personal data, and any of its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as “Jannahexpress.” Unless otherwise stated, “the Company” in this policy refers to Jannah Express Ltd. and each and every one of its subsidiaries.



Several types of data subjects

Although “airport travelers” make up the majority of our clients, others may be individuals, businesses, or consumers. Therefore, those kinds of clients, as well as any employees or other people who work for them (collectively, “customers”), may provide us with personal information.

We may have personal information about people.

We only keep personal information that is necessary for providing or marketing to our service providers or for other business purposes. Customers, future customers, suppliers, service providers, industry experts, and those with whom we have a business or professional relationship are among the people whose personal information we retain. Customers’ personal information may be collected in the following categories by us:

  • Personal particulars, such as name, address, pick-up and drop-off addresses, email, telephone number, including mobile phone, or other contact information;
  • Banking, payment and financial particulars;
  • Credit particulars (through an external third party).
  • Audio recordings of all telephone orders, inquiries, and customer communications (Audio Data);
  • Images (still or video) from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) on the Company’s sites or from onboard vehicle monitoring (CCTV Data);
  • and/or Other business or marketing-related person.
  • Contractual details, including the products and services provided, trading history with the Company.


Data sources for individuals

When people:

  • use the Jannah Express Ltd.’s services;
  • are designated by their employer as our contacts for purposes such as but not limited to submitting proposals, managing the service relationship, and paying invoices;
  • request information from us;
  • or otherwise give the company or an employee of the company their contact information or other personal data.
  • You can also get personal information from published sources.


The reasons for processing data

The following are some of the reasons why the company gathers and uses customer data, some of which may be personal data as that term is defined in the GDPR and DPA:


As required to carry out a contract with a client, including:

  • To take action at the customer’s request prior to entering into a contract;
  • To decide whether to enter into a contract;
  • To determine the customer’s or its associates’ eligibility for credit in relation to the contract or the signing of a new contract with us;
  • To manage, perform, and operate the contract and the customer’s account;
  • To update our records;
  • To address any complaints with regard to the contract;
  • To recover debts.


When required for our own legitimate interests or the interests of other people or organizations, such as:

  • To monitor audio data and CCTV data for quality control, training, or the detection and prevention of crime or unauthorized use of our systems.
  • For good governance, accounting, managing, and auditing our business operations.
  • To search credit reference agencies.
  • To protect the health and safety of workers and others.
  • To maintain, monitor, improve, and enhance our products and services.

As necessary to comply with our legal obligations for example:

o For tax collection purposes;

o To comply with any regulatory requirements to which we are subject;

 o When we are required to do so by law (including under any legislation, or by a court or tribunal in any jurisdiction);

o For fraud prevention and money laundering.

In the process of performing customer work, we may reveal personal data about our customers to other members of the same customer organization, to third parties, or to our customers themselves. Nevertheless, we will only do so where we feel the disclosure will benefit both parties.

We occasionally give personal information to other businesses and people so they can work on our behalf (for example, to a mailing service to process a large mailing, or to a service partner to provide a service to our customer). Such information will only be used to carry out the services that the company has contracted for.

Using personal information

We employ personal data to:

  • provide clients with the services or information they need,
  • inform current and new customers about the services the company offers,
  • give instructions to our suppliers and service providers and pay them for their work,
  • and communicate with our Contacts.
  • We only divulge personal data to third parties with the subject’s prior consent or under the specific conditions listed below, with the exception of what is discussed further below under the category “Legal Issues.”

When a third party is a processor of personal data, we have the right to utilize that third party and replace it in order to carry out our contractual obligations, which also includes doing so with the previous, general written consent described in Article 28(2) of the GDPR.

In accordance with the main principles of the GDPR, we may transmit personal data outside of the EEA in order to carry out the contract.

In accordance with the GDPR’s guiding principles and as required to carry out the contract, we may transfer personal data beyond the EEA.

receivers of certain types of personal data

The following groups of people are among the receivers of personal data that we disclose:

  • Other businesses in the Jannah Express Ltd Group;
  • Auditors; Professional Advisors, such as our bankers, lawyers, and consultants;
  • Law Enforcement Officials; Statutory or Regulatory Authorities;
  • Third-Party Service Providers, such as Providers of Transport Services; Providers of CCTV Management; Providers of Audio Data Management; Providers of IT System Management; Providers of Credit Checks; Providers of Debtor Tracing; Providers of Contractors or Subcontractors; or related services required to carry out the contract.

Where a third party is a processor of personal data, our right to use and replace that third party in order to help us fulfill our contractual duties includes prior general written authorization as defined by Article 28(2) of the GDPR.

In order to carry out the contract, we may transfer personal data outside of the EEA in compliance with the GDPR’s general principles.

secure data

To prevent accidental loss, unauthorized use, access, alteration, or disclosure of personal data, we have implemented the essential security measures. Likewise, we only give access to personal information to those workers, agents, clients, contractors, and other third parties who have a need to know for business purposes. They are subject to a duty of confidentiality and will only use the personal information as instructed by us.

We have established protocols to handle any suspected data security breach, and in cases where it is legally required, we will notify the person and any relevant regulator of a suspected breach.

preserving data

We will only keep personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the objectives for which it was obtained, including to carry out the contract and to comply with any reporting or legal obligations. The amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, the purposes for which we process the personal data and whether those purposes can be fulfilled by other means, and the relevant legal requirements are all taken into account when determining the appropriate retention period.

Your privileges

By getting in touch with us as specified below, you can adjust your preferences for our marketing channels at any time or ask to cease receiving any further messages from us. (See Complaints and Contacts.)

By contacting us as indicated below, you can review your personal information at any time and give instructions for its rectification, updating, or deletion. We’ll do everything in our power to quickly implement the suggested adjustments. We might keep personal information on you for a while in our backup files. As needed by law, contract, or auditing requirements, we may also need to keep some data for longer periods of time.

judicial issues

In order to comply with any applicable law, regulation, court order, or governmental request, the Company may be required to disclose personal information. The relevant privacy laws and rules shall be strictly followed in this.

Information gathered from all corporate websites

Also, we compile private data from users of our websites. How we use and handle this data is governed by Jannah Express Ltd.’s privacy and data protection policy. The Jannah Express Limited Privacy and Data Protection Policy governs how any personal data obtained through our websites is used by the business for marketing and general customer communication.

Modifications to this list of processing operations

We retain the right to make changes to this Privacy Notice at any time in accordance with the GDPR and other applicable data protection regulations.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection problems, is the place where you have the right to file a complaint at any time.


Please get in touch with us using the information below if you have any questions or concerns about data protection. Data Protection Team, Jannah Express Ltd. Room 214, Second Floor, City Gate House, 246-250 Romford Road, E7 9HZ Phone: 004402038842869. Email: info@jannahexpress.com.