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How Do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. So, picking up from this airport can be overwhelming if everything isn’t preplanned. To ensure smooth and hassle-free pick-up, you’ll need some careful strategy. 

Therefore, how do I pick someone up from Heathrow Airport?

There are 4 terminals at Heathrow Airport. Those are Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4, and Terminal 5. As Heathrow Airport has some designated location for each terminal, picking up someone from the forecourts is not possible. This article is a comprehensive guideline for you to learn about pick-up points, and terminal maps and make your loved one’s arrival memorable! 

Can You Pick Up Someone From Heathrow Airport? 

Certainly, you can pick someone up from Heathrow Airport. Heathrow Airport has some designated “Meeting Up” points where you can pick up your loved ones or passengers. Also, keep in mind-

At first you need to check the “Heathrow Live Flight Arrivals” to see if their flights are on time. 

Due to the security concern, now you can’t pick someone from the forecourts. You’ll have to park at the “short stay” car parks.

If you are a private hire or cab driver, check the various levels of pick-up. Start from Level 1 Row R. Also, as the hotels are pretty far from the airport, keep in mind that you’ll need a shuttle transfer. 

How Do I Park at Heathrow Airport? 

You must be wondering, Where do I park my car before entering the meeting point? At Heathrow Airport, there are several parking options, so you can go to the meeting area without being worried. 

You have two options for parking here-

  • If you want to park on your own, then go for
  1. Short Stay Parking
  2. Long Stay Parking
  • If you park through someone else, then choose-
  1. Meet & Greet Parking
  2. Valet Parking

The prices will vary on travel time, date, and terminal. To get a parking quote, all you have to do is, simply select the arrival time and date, exit number and date, and the terminal number. After you share all these details, the official parking page will show you several parking options and their offered price. 


Then, you’ll book your preferred parking and price option online and pay through your preferred method. If you want to edit/cancel your booking, edit the ‘manage your parking booking” option. 

Do I Have to Pay for Picking Up Someone from Heathrow Airport?

Yes, you need to pay for picking up someone from the airport. The charge depends on how long you are going to stay in the parking lot. 

An important fact is, you can park for free if you park in the Long Stay Park for only 30 minutes. If you stay longer than 30 minutes, then you’ll have to pay the parking fee. Here’s a sample chart to show the estimated price in the different terminal parking lots. Let’s see the chart- 

Terminal  Long Stay Charge Short Stay Charge
Terminal 2 Pick-Up Charge £33.50 £65.00
Terminal 3 Pick-Up Charge £33.40 £65.30
Terminal 5 Pick-Up Charge £30.00 £65.00

Terminal 4 pick-up charge isn’t shown on the official website. Always keep in mind that the price increases along with your duration. 

How do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Terminal 2?

The pick-up point of Heathrow Terminal 2 meeting point is just outside the security area, across the international arrival exit. Just find the location at Level-1 at the arrivals and departures “B” gate. 

To reach the meeting point, use the elevator, and go up to Level-2. After leaving the elevator, go forward to the left and park in front of Row B. Your passengers will meet you at Level-2, Row B of the car park. 

How do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Terminal 3?

The meeting point of Terminal 3 is at the arrival area on the ground floor. On the ground level, you’ll see different stores like Caffè Nero, M&S Simply Food, Boots, or WHSmith. Use the lift opposite Caffè Nero and reach Level-1. The pick-up spots generally are marked on the ground. You’ll meet your loved ones in the Level-1 parking garage. 

How do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Terminal 4?

You’ll find the Meeting Point of Terminal-4 at the Level-0 arrival area just outside security. It’s just beside WHSmith’s where you can buy food and magazines. You’ll also find Boots, World Duty-Free, and Sim local stores. The pick-up site is straight ahead of the left side of WHSmith’s. You will wait in the car at the park Level-1 entrance. 

How do I Pick Someone Up From Heathrow Terminal 5?

There are two Heathrow terminal 5 pick-up points. One is North Meeting Point and another is South Meeting Point. 

The North Meeting Point of Terminal 5 is at Level 0 at the arrivals. Find We Know and Travelex Currency Exchange and in front of it the arrival point is located. If you are coming from the Terminal-5 accessible parking, walk down to the stairs of Level-0. Then, walk for 2 more minutes around a 192-meter distance across the two floors from the parking lot. 

The South Meeting Point of Terminal 5 is located beside the two escalators near the exit area. You can find it in between Costa Coffee and Caffeè Nero. From the parking lot to the south meeting point takes almost 5-6 minutes to walk. From the parking, walk to the stairs down to Level-0. From that place, it’ll only take 5 minutes to reach the South meeting point. 

Final Point 

If you follow the guidelines and instructions given in this article, also on the official website, picking up someone will be smooth and stress-free. If you want more information about the drop-off or pick-up of someone from Heathrow Airport, please check the link.


You’ll find all the additional important tips and information for picking up someone on this website. Thank you!

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